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Sound professional.

Reach more people.

I'm Lawrence,

but since we're friends now you can call me Tres.
So, you've entered my vortex of Wave Enterprise & I'm assuming you came here because you need some audio help eh? 

The hardcore truth is, when you sound professional people listen

No more "uhms" or long pauses in your podcast episodes.
No more amateur background music.

Just your message to the world, but with a fresh new haircut.

Let's cut to the chase...
Why should you work with me?

I'm an audio engineer by day and a DJ by night. I've been rockin' the keys since I was a young lad, I'm well-traveled (currently you can find me in the mountains of San Cristobal, Mexico), and I actually give a damn (sorry ma) about your message.

You see, I'm one of those guys that firmly believes everyone has something to share with the world and it just takes the right
person to make a reality.

Bad quality can dilute your message
while professional audio can elevate it.

I'm here to make sure it's the latter. I got you.

From podcast editing to music production I can take your project from feeling like a plain vanilla scoop (which is still good)
to a sundae with all the fixings. 

Enhance your message, reach more of your people, and convert them into sales with professional audio. 


Here's some "social proof"

Audio Engineered for German Artist, Moh Kanim

January trespeace posts.png

Audio Engineered for U.S. Artist, Dizzy Tone


Produced for Filipino Hip Hop Collective; Bawal Clan

Working with tres during his stay in the Philippines felt like we've known each other for a long time. It was very easy to communicate with him and collaborate with music.

I also noticed a big growth with his audio knowledge since I first met him back in 2019, from both audio engineering to production.
-Neil Raymundo

January trespeace posts.png

Music Production for U.S. Artist; MTStreets

Trespeace is an incredibly talented producer who’s beats are world class. Working with him was a blast and to get your hands on one of his beats is a blessing.

Everything keeps getting better and better.

Podcast Editing for Life Coach, Sarah Erwin


Podcast Editing for Entrepreneur + Raise Your Rates Activist; Jules Costa


Tres helped me get my podcast up and running. Used one of his beats for the Intro/outro and he edited each episode with a great turnaround time.

Not only did it help with my business, but I got to publish conversations with some of my dearest mentors and friends. So happy to be able to listen to these memories in polished audio quality. 

Owner of Kasbar Boracay, Philippines; Erielyn Gaston

I requested for Tres to spin for our Halloween party at Kasbar Boracay,  and yes indeed it was a great night with good music. Very talented and also a very warm and charming person

January trespeace posts.png

Owner of Hey Flour Bakery, Jakeena


Trespeace is a total dream! Had him as a DJ and he delivered and brought not only killer beats, but also amazing vibes! Collaborative and chill, he’s a no-brainer hire any day, any place!

Tiffy Piacenza

Screen Shot 2022-01-31 at 8.47.28 AM.png

Great Music. Great Vibe


I met Tres in Boracay and like everyone else, from the minute i spoke to him, I instantly liked him! After watching him play in several bars in the island, I asked if he could spin some tracks for my husbands birthday.


He was incredible, always knew how to feel the crowd and made sure everyone was up and dancing!


We were rocking it out to a mix of hip hop, soul and rnb, everyone had a lot of fun! The night flowed smoothly and we were all happy with the turn out! Thanks Tres for sharing your love for music with us, truly appreciated!

You feel me?
Let's make your vision come to life.

Audio Engineering Packages
Starting at only $255/mo

For podcasters, creatives, wellness brands, & entrepreneurs alike

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