27 Gift Ideas for the Digital Nomad In Your Life [that Support Small & Black-Owned Businesses]

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Digital Nomads are a rather difficult group of characters to buy for… always on the go, and therefore cannot fit “the usual” gigantic pile of clothing into their backpack.

So… I’ve created a list to get you inspired with holiday gift ideas for your digital nomad friend or family member. The second half of this is dedicated to supporting #blackownedbusinesses, #smallbusinesses, and local Filipino businesses however there are a couple of Amazon gifts sprinkled throughout.

I also tried to showcase items that are mostly digital because I know from experience that it’s not easy to ship a package from the U.S. to the Philippines without costly import fees.

Without further ado here are 27 gift ideas for the digital nomad in your life.

1. Local Spa Packages

With all the hustle, and bustle digital nomads experience, a day at the spa is never a bad idea. Look up the closest massage parlor nearest and book a spa day for them-- they’ll love you forever!

2. Audible Book

You can opt-in to purchase a membership starting at $15 for one month or you can purchase a book you think they’d enjoy. Here are some of my recommendations:

  • Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey

  • The Compound Effect by Darren Hardy

  • The 50th Law by 50 Cent and Robert Greene

  • Why Now is the Time to Crush It! by Gary Vee

  • The $100 Start-Up by Chris Guillebeau

  • The Art of Non-Conformity by Chris Guillebeau

There are plenty of others but those are just to name a few. You may want to peek at this page for more books for digital nomads.

3. Airbnb Gift Cards

Most likely your friend or a family member has used Airbnb before so they’d absolutely LOVE a credit for their next homestay! You might even check out Airbnb’s experiences if they’ll be going to a particular city in the near future. I for one thoroughly enjoyed, “The Day in the Life of a Muay Thai Fighter” an authentic experience I booked via Airbnb earlier this year. Today they’re even offering “virtual experiences” as a way to adapt to the pandemic. You can check out more here.

Bangkok Muay Tahi Experience

4. Silk Sleep Mask

This might not seem like a big deal… but trust me it is. Traveling can really take a toll on your body and so having a handy dandy sleep mask as a way to catch some Zzz’s comfortably is more important than you might think!

5. Digital Subscriptions

Being away from home for long periods of time often means being alone or away from loved ones. That’s where Netflix, Headspace, or Spotify Premium come into play. For those of you who are new to the game, Headspace is a guided meditation app that cultivates all-around mindfulness.

6. Udemy Courses

Udemy is a skill-sharing platform that has courses on anything you can think of from Programming to iPhone Photography or Interior Designing. Some even priced as low as $10.99! Maybe your loved one is on the road toward entrepreneurship or they just want to learn a new skill. Either way, they’ll gain some valuable knowledge from an Udemy course.

7. A Portable and Waterproof Speaker

Okay, so this one is more of a splurge… I recommend going waterproof as digital nomads are oftentimes near water (hello convenience!) This UE Roll is not only waterproof but shockproof too. You can check out more about this speaker here.

8. Pocket Wifi Device

I’ve quite literally lived off of my Skyroam Pocket Wi-Fi device. It’s convenient and can be taken across countries and continents. It’s the perfect contraption to sustain working online as a digital nomad. There an array of options for purchase like Skyroam Day passes or 5GB worth of data so that you can stay connected wherever on whatever budget you may have. You can check out their offerings & get 10% off your first purchase using code FINDYOURWAVE here.

9. Noise-canceling Headphones

In perfect combination with the silk mask mentioned earlier, noise-canceling headphones would make for a restful sleep or maybe for heightened concentration. Headphones are a true necessity in any digital nomad life from listening to a podcast or falling asleep on the plane. I enjoy my Sony Headphones ($14.95) but if you’d like wireless ones you might try out the Mpow Bluetooth Headphones ($46.99).

10. Lifestraw Personal Water Filter

This gift is not only nice to your bank account (currently only $12.97), but also to the planet. It’s convenient and easy to use. So say adios to plastic water bottles and HELLO to the Lifestraw! It filters out waterborne bacteria and silt leaving fresh, clean water that’s ready to drink!

11. Journals

Every trip is not complete with a nice journal to record memories, reflections, and ideas. I swear by journaling as I travel, it has literally changed my life. I prefer ones with separated sections but any journal will do just fine. You might have a look at the Travel Planner Journal with 6 categories here.

12. Solar Power Bank Charger

This gift would come in handy when there is a blackout out which often happens in more remote towns. The Solar Power Bank Charger is compatible with all newer iPhones, and the Samsung Galaxy. It can charge up to 6 hours using the sun and therefore is a helpful tool, especially during camping trips!

13. Scrubba Mini Portable Wash Bag

Okay, this one is pretty awesome if I must say… it is literally a handheld washing machine. I mean… could it get any better!? I know we’ve all been on a trip that upon departure there was an unpleasant stench coming from our bag. With the Scrubba, you can just throw in your stinky clothes, toss in some water, roll it up and scrub for 30 seconds. BAM! Fresh smellin’ clothes. Although it only fits one outfit at a time, it gets the job done while also being eco-friendly! You can grab yours here for only $39.95.

14. Priority Pass

Sometimes it’s nice to have space to recharge before or after a flight. With more countries starting to open their borders you might consider a Priority Pass for your digital nomad friend. They’ll get access to over 1300 airport experiences in 600 different cities receiving refreshments, and drinks. Some membership options even have access to spas!

The second portion of this list is dedicated to small businesses, black-owned businesses, & local businesses (Philippines).

15. Origin Travels - Woman Group Trips

Origin Travels is a travel company that offers authentic and intimate group adventures for women to nurture your wild & suit your budget. Their upcoming trips for 2021 to Kenya, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Tofino, & Rockies can be booked here. You can also get $100 off your first booking by sharing a travel story by checking their Instagram below.

16. Destiny Darcel Digital Illustrations

You can select from a variety of unique holiday cards or digital prints. To purchase from her email her at destinydarcel@gmail.com or check out her website.

17. Princella Serpenah Drawings

Princella is a self-taught digital artist from Ghana currently studying as a medical student in Russia. She started creating from a young age and is inspired by the beauty of black culture. You can send a picture to her and get it illustrated as a gift by clicking here or emailing her your request at artbyprincella@gmail.com.

18. Protect Black Women Merch by Sharif

Mixing hip-hop with activism, Sharif Shakoor M.ED stated in a recent press release, “The very Black woman that we derive from, we often disrespect in hip hop music. I am determined to use hip hop as a tool instead of it using me.” He uses music as a way to counter how mainstream hip-hop has degraded black women, and to educate the youth. As a way of supporting his mission, you can purchase a hoodie by contacting him on Instagram here. To check out more about his message click here.

19. Ahon the Label by Jessy (Philippines based)

Ahon is a label that inspires women to go upwards, rise out of, and emerge! You can shop their intimates, and island wear here.

20. HellaBaked Manila (Philippines based)

If you're in the Manila area, give the gift of comfort food this holiday season with authentic & unconventional lasagna dishes cooked with love by Kirk & Issa. You can order directly through their Instagram here.

21. Reggae Fit Digital Zumba Classes

Lisa, a certified fitness instructor, offers an array of services, one being Reggae Fit online digital classes. She takes you through a warm-up session to loosen up the muscles, a full cardio session involving aerobics and choreographed sexy Caribbean dances, and a cool down/floor session concentrating on breathing and stretching. This is a great digital gift for your friend or family member to stay active while traveling! You can book with her here.

22. The Black Travel Box

Founder of The Black Travel Box found herself in a pickle while traveling in Japan there were no products for her needs. So... she founded The Black Travel Box so that other black travelers have flawless skin & hair while on the go. The Carry On Starter Kit is perfect for carry-on luggage. You can find out more about her products here and receive free shipping worldwide with any purchase of $35 or more!

23. Raise Your Rates Masterclass

This one is for your digital nomad friend or family member that needs to level up their freelancing business for 2021. I personally took this 12-week course by @Julesontap, and it helped me to cultivate my"why", set up systems for my business, and navigated me through the depths of social media for businesses. Oh- and of course how to sell and RAISE MY RATES!💪🏼 Seats are limited for January so inquire about purchasing credit for the course on Jules' Instagram here.

24. UNWRP Gifting

Unwrp is a unique digital store that provides wrapping paper, greeting cards, or home goods which are all designed by artists from around the globe. This option might not be so much for a digital nomad but maybe from a digital nomad. I love this idea and just couldn't leave it out. Founder, Ashley L. Fouyolle's vision is for each piece to also serve as repurposed art to have as a keepsake.

25. Grounded Plants - Digital Plant Subscription

Plants not only help us to breathe in quality air, but they help to relax us and improve our creativity. I'd say we all need a plant or two in our new remote workspace, considering the events of 2020. Grounded Plants' digital subscription will help your digital nomad friend stay grounded, and stress-free. Each month for three months they'll receive a new plant with instructions on how to stay grounded.

26. Custom Instrumental by trespeace

If your digital nomad loved one is into music you might dig a custom instrumental by @trespeace. With more than 17 years of experience with the piano and a diverse genre set under his belt, he can create the perfect audio gift! Maybe they'd like a new song for their podcast or video. Whatever it might be you can inquire more about getting your custom instrumental created here.

27. Custom Memory Capsule Visual

Out of all the gifts I've given family members, they always seem to LOVE the memory visuals the most. Maybe it's because photos bring us back to that very moment in time, teleporting us back to a happy place. This year, give the gift of a memory capsule to your digital nomad friend or family member to remind them of all the amazing times you've had together! These videos start at $39.99, and you can inquire more about my services here.

BAM… that’s that! My ultimate gift guide for the digital nomad in your life. Now you’ll never be stumped for ideas on what to gift us when the holidays or birthdays come around.

Enjoy this season, make some new memories, and oh- share this with a friend if you found it helpful😁