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Best Resources for Music Producers & Artists in 2020

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If you’ve landed here chances are you’re looking to expand your knowledge on music production. There’s no saying just how many hats a producer must wear to be successful. On top of that, we live in the information age exposed to an average of 121 business emails daily & around 4,000-10,000 ads per day. That is insane. With that being said, we’ve cultivated one trusted space you can come to feel at ease growing your music business. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned producer below are the best producer tools for your success in 2020.

Music Production Learning

Youtube is the top place for producers to spend thousands of hours learning from a variety

of different channels. However, it’s often overwhelming & is filled with misleading information.

Udemy offers a variety of different courses, some free & some paid, from well-known experts such as Grammy Nominated Keyboardist, Cori Jacobs, or well-known UK Producer, Thomas George.

Another credible source is Linkedin Learning. Here features like Bobby Owsinski, best selling author & thought leader in the music business share expertise that isn’t found elsewhere. You can also set your daily learning goal to track your progress. Also, you can add taken tests to your LinkedIn profile as you learn to show potential recruiters your growth.

Social Media Management

Social Media is like a relationship. It takes time & effort. It needs to be cultivated daily to see true results. We’ve learned this from experience. Time should mostly be spent learning, practicing & creating. However, if no time is put into social media & presenting the world with the amazing work that’s composed - no money will be made.

For this reason, I recommend outsourcing your Social Media. Whatever your budget think about it like this: how much money do you think you’re worth per hour? Let’s say $30. If it takes you 8 hours to research & curate something for social media you’re talking, $240. It’s more efficient to pay someone else to do what their good at, managing social media, than wasting hours of your precious time. You can check out our affordable & personalized social media management/content creation services here.

With that being said, maybe you enjoy constructing & building your social media pages, in that case, you’ll want to check out the following for automation: Facebook Creator Studio (free), Crowdfire (free- limited accounts), Tailwind (starting at $14.99 x month), & Sprout (most expensive- starting at $99 x month).


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Increasing your productivity is crucial to obtain success in a reasonable amount of time. Running a business requires planning, goal-setting, & detailed daily to-do’s. The following tools can be used to assist in your productivity: & Slack.

Both sites start around $9 per month with a free trial available. They’re especially helpful as your business grows to track the progress of remote workers you may add onto your pay-roll such as copywriters, social media marketers, public relations specialists, etc.

Best Beat Selling Platforms:

5 years ago selling beats online wasn’t as accessible as it is today. With that being said, yes the competition is more fierce which is why you should consider selling on a couple of different platforms as to not put all your eggs in one basket.

Beatstars: This site has grown drastically in the past couple years yielding Top Music Producers such as YoungKio, from the Netherlands, who made millions from the “Old Town Road” Hit by artist Lil Nas or CashMoneyAp from LA. With experience using Beatstars, the following features are what makes it so appealing: upgraded professional website options, SoundCloud/Audiomack monetization, & new distribution services. Check them out for yourself here.

Airbit: Another great option offering a free package taking 0% commission from your sales, unlike Beatstars. Nonetheless, the free package only allows 10 uploads per month but if you’re just getting started this could be your best bet.

Soundclick: This site has been around longer so it’s more known worldwide. With that being said, there are more instrumentals listed which means you’ll have to spend some money advertising to get your beats heard.

Instagram: Well known artist, Kid Ink, admits his #1 place to get beats is Instagram. Posting your beats on your page & your story weekly is such a powerful way to get heard. Make sure to use hashtags on your stories & feed posts that will allow your content to be more discoverable.

Pro Tip: If your page is still small (<10,000), only use hashtags that have 20,000 or fewer posts

Email Marketing

You’ll hear plenty of marketers say ‘Email is King’ and here’s why you should believe them: you do not own your followers on Instagram, Youtube, or even Beatstars. Any day these websites can become irrelevant & with that, your followers can vanish. Use all these sites as a way to obtain customer emails. This producer tool will enable you to keep in contact & secure your business.

We use Mailchimp & have to admit it’s a tad bit complex & does require a learning curve. It is free up to 2,000 email subscribers so that is a nice perk. Once you get everything set up though, you'll soon be building your email list.

AWeber is one of the oldest email platforms out there & it connects seamlessly to sites like Beatstars & WordPress. AWeber also has a 'smart' designer that fits your brand into email campaigns. They also offer free email templates.

Convertkit has similar features to that of Mailchimp however they do not offer a free plan. Convertkit offers a simpler way of managing contacts & their automation system is organized in a way that makes it easy for anyone to use.


Selling is everything. Think about it, last time you bought something on amazon you were persuaded by words to purchase one product over another. Sales copy is a crucial skill for any successful business. The ability to use words to influence others has true power. Next time you run an ad on Facebook for a beat sale, your words need to be carefully thought out. Here are some tools for different types of copy that'll transform you into a wordsmith:

Email Copy: reallygoodemails

This site is like Pinterest for great email ideas & it's a free producer tool.

Facebook Ads Copy: The Ultimate Guide to Facebook Ads by Perry Marshall

Not only does this include all you need to know to set your ads up to earn some big bucks, it includes an intensive study on copywriting for marketing & the psychology behind using certain words or images. I always refer back to this sort of 'bible' for Facebook Ads whenever I need a refresher.

General Copywriting:

Udemy FREE course- 155 Years of Experience Taught in a 1.5-hour class!

When you sign up for a FREE 30-day Audible trial, it includes 2 book credits. Download Breakthrough Copywriter & The Boron Letters

Not only will these resources transform you into a more influential writer, but they also will improve your lyrical career.