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How to Recycle Travel Content for Instagram in 13 Unique Ways

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

As travelers, we're itching to experience more, taste more, and see more, but it's okay to explore where we are and reflect on our previous travels.

While 2020 strides forward, the majority of us are staying near to home and traveling hyper-locally.

This doesn't mean we should stop posting content about travel because sooner or later, COVID WILL die down, and the journeys will commence! So continuing to provide inspirational travel content is important.

I've put together a list of 13 things you can do to recycle content for Instagram and keep the travel spirit alive on your social pages.

Let's dive in!

1. Turn an old blog post into a shortened Instagram slide or visual

2. Put together a compilation of your favorite travel clips

3. Create a "Your last trip in 7 seconds" visual or "Your Favorite trip in 7 seconds".

Why 7 seconds? Well, according to Create Cultivate, you have 2.7 seconds to catch someone's attention, and if your post is only 7 then the more likely they'll watch the whole thing.

4. Use the Photo Lap app to mesh together and edit your travel photos in a unique way

5. Share one of the travel goals that you’ve reached

6. Reshare a piece of content with a different element

(for example if you shared a 7 travel apps for 2019 last year, reshare and update it)

7. Look back into your analytics to see which posts were popular, is there a way you can create an IG live event off of that?

8. Bring on another traveler, remote worker or digital nomad you’ve met previously onto an IG live event to interview them

Like when Julianna and I went live to chat about networking digitally, remote work & the digital nomad lifestyle!

9. Check out trends on Tiktok & create a 15 second visual of something you’ve previously posted

10. Think back to past travels, put together a 'most unique activities/foods/sights in ____' visual or slide

11. Do a historical trivia for a country you've visited on your IG story

Canva has some fantastic templates for this. When I tried this idea on trespeace's story, it yielded some excellent engagement! It's helpful in building a fun connection with your audience.

12. Post a quote over a travel photo

13. Try reposting a piece of content with a different song- this can provide a fresh perspective to the visual

Download Oceanfront by trespeace now for FREE & test it out for yourself;

this beat is a Tropical EDM instrumental that pairs nicely with travel content!

Designing content from scratch is time-consuming, so hopefully, this 'How to Recycle Content for Instagram' list has helped you gain some ideas to save time and spend it where it's needed most, planning your next trip of course! 😉

Before you leave, grab your FREE pdf!