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How to Spot an Instagram Scam - The Game Exposed

2020 Vision; Plot Twist

how to spot an instagram scam- the game exposed

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Jayceon Taylor, or more commonly known as, ‘The Game’; an American Rapper in the West Coast scene approached Lawrence, “trespeace” recently via Instagram dm with an opportunity.

Well, let me rewind.

The Game put out an Instagram post recruiting talented underground artists. He said, “he is on a mission to promote underground artists.”

So Lawrence responded & reached out to the Game giving him a short bio.

Days went by & finally, the Game replied,

Whoah!!! We were pumped.

We knew this was an opportunity to not only get heard but to start making even more connections. I mean, after all, The Game selected Lawrence out of the crowd; this was major.

Lawrence then sent a dm back, “just let me know what you need from me.”

Days passed, no answer.

Then, all of a sudden:

The voice inside our head screamed- scam, but our heart was still curious.

Maybe it’s worth the exposure?

However, after consideration, we had questions.

How much exposure?

How many people would be on this mixtape?

Why does he only want an mp3 format?

If there are 50 people on it, nobody nowadays will sit through a minute IG video, let alone 50 songs. How do we even know if this is real?

That’s when we decided to ask The Game,