How to Spot an Instagram Scam - The Game Exposed

2020 Vision; Plot Twist

how to spot an instagram scam- the game exposed

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Jayceon Taylor, or more commonly known as, ‘The Game’; an American Rapper in the West Coast scene approached Lawrence, “trespeace” recently via Instagram dm with an opportunity.

Well, let me rewind.

The Game put out an Instagram post recruiting talented underground artists. He said, “he is on a mission to promote underground artists.”

So Lawrence responded & reached out to the Game giving him a short bio.

Days went by & finally, the Game replied,

Whoah!!! We were pumped.

We knew this was an opportunity to not only get heard but to start making even more connections. I mean, after all, The Game selected Lawrence out of the crowd; this was major.

Lawrence then sent a dm back, “just let me know what you need from me.”

Days passed, no answer.

Then, all of a sudden:

The voice inside our head screamed- scam, but our heart was still curious.

Maybe it’s worth the exposure?

However, after consideration, we had questions.

How much exposure?

How many people would be on this mixtape?

Why does he only want an mp3 format?

If there are 50 people on it, nobody nowadays will sit through a minute IG video, let alone 50 songs. How do we even know if this is real?

That’s when we decided to ask The Game,

That’s when s*** got weird.

He replied faster than you can say Game Time Mixtape Scam,

Although we could have worded our question differently, his defensive response said everything. If this were a legitimate campaign to help underground artists, would a clarifying video chat be too much to ask?

That’s a lot of money to ask for from someone trying to make a living making music. Plus, he led artists to believe he was doing them a favor, but in reality, he was facilitating a paid promotion.

After that, we had no further contact, but we did do some investigation of our own.

The mixtape, The Game Mixtape,’ did drop recently on datpiff under a different name- Dablock365.

If you Google, ‘Game Time Mixtape,’ it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack considering it hasn’t been released on any major platforms like Spotify or Apple Music.

As we predicted, it did indeed have 50 artists.

On a different note, we also discovered he recently got sued for 7 million dollars and his Record Label Seized by his sexual assault accuser hence why the mixtape isn’t under his name.

We also understand that record labels play their own ruthless ‘games’ on young talented artists that might not have the capital to help their career prosper. Our speculation suggests he may be one of many who fell victim to this. Between the lawsuit and his lack of recent relevance, we felt this was a desperate attempt to get money.

You can check out more about this here,

All this to say, we saw right through his plan to prey on vulnerable upcoming artists living in the Covid-19 economy. This situation inspired us to expose the truth behind the music industry and to ensure this never happens to you.

These tactics help you outwit a scammer, but they are also vital to your success, whether you're running your own music business or just getting into a relationship.


These Deadly Realities are part of a book by Robert Greene called Mastery.


Everyone has dealt with envy in some capacity.

Maybe someone from your high school always looks at your Instagram story, but never says a word to you or possibly you recently scored a promotion, but your coworker hasn’t congratulated you.

Whatever the case may be here are some red flags to look for:

  • Someone praises you too much or is too friendly they might be planning to take or sabotage what you’ve worked for

  • If you sense major insecurities in another person


If you’re going against the grain, with your career or with your perspective on a situation, you’re going to stand out from the crowd.

What makes you different, unique, and valuable can also make you a target.

Be mindful of this, especially when working with groups of people as it can be perceived in a negative light. In a professional setting, let your work speak for itself.


Humans thrive off of order. When things are not in order, well… all hell breaks loose. Hence- 2020. The pandemic, the Black Lives Matter movement, accusations of Pedophilia in Hollywood Stars, the U.S. Election, and the recent bombings in Lebanon.

All these situations are out of our control, and with that, scammers try to take advantage of people with a fragile mindset.

On another note, “people follow procedures without really knowing why, simply because these procedures may have worked in the past.” ie, artists signing 360 deals with record labels.

Many people watch the news and trust it'll give them accurate information, so when they hear a story that says otherwise, they become defensive.

It is no use trying to argue with someone like this as it’s just wasting your valuable time and energy.


Ever get a message on social media like: ‘“SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!” or “FOLLOW ME AND LIKE MY PICTURES!” even though you’ve never had prior communication before that...

Well, I know I have; it’s because people are naturally selfish. It takes hard work and lots of reflection to be a selfless individual.

In today’s day and age, it’s challenging to find someone who genuinely connects with you and offers their help without ulterior motives.

If someone offers you a huge opportunity, especially in the music industry, be sure to look at the big picture before making any decisions.


People want a quick route, an easy way out, and fast money. They compare themselves to others who have everything they want and become impatient.

Because of this impatience, some will try and steal your work- may be your beats, for example (if you’re a music producer).

That’s why it’s best to keep some details to yourself, never expose your whole master plan to protect it.

T. Harv Eker, in his book Millionaire Mindset, speaks on the journey it takes to become to be a millionaire. Those who grind day in and day out to reach that goal can lose that money, but still, earn it back quickly.

Why? Because it’s their character and mindset that’s been sculpted during that time to get them to that millionaire status. If they earned it once, they could earn it again.

Now you know why “lottery winners are more likely to declare bankruptcy within three-to-five years than the average American,” as stated by Ryan Hart.


People make promises based on their fluctuating emotions. Rely mostly on yourself and steer clear of those with wishy-washy feelings.

Passive Aggression

This last one is more difficult to decipher than the others. Passive-aggressive people try to control every story's narrative and always have a comeback to anything you might have to say.

They’re stubborn at best and stuck in their ways because of their fear of confrontation. If someone cannot hear your side of the story without making it about themselves, you may not want to go into business with them.

All in all, these tactics will help you avoid a scammer, in the music business or everyday life. Most importantly, they’ll help improve your social IQ and serve to be critical as you move towards that millionaire status.

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