Best 20 Projects to do While on Lockdown- Including Unique Ways to Earn Money from Home

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

How can you stay productive & sane during lockdown?

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If you've already binge watched The Last Dance on Netflix & have already taken all the BuzzFeed Quizzes... it's time to get productive! Select a couple projects you think might benefit you most & get to work. Do a little bit everyday & see your life transform.


1.Clean out your google drive, organize items into separate folders & delete items you don’t need anymore. Clean out your computer files & organize them into the correct folders.

Productive Task time>> 2-3 hours

2. Clean out your closet/room/basement (pick one! Or do one each day) specifically looking for things to resell or give away. Incorporate organizational tools such as bins to help in keeping your space organized.

Productive Task time>>1-2 hours cleaning each space & 1-2 hours if posting to resell

If you decide on reselling any hidden gems you find at the bottom of your closet, you can post them on sites such as:

☀︎Facebook Marketplace

☀︎ Instagram



Be sure to clean up the item, & take a professional picture portraying why someone should purchase the item.

3. Declutter your house using this HELPFUL Pinterest challenge.

Productive Task time>> 1 hr-1.5 hrs each day



4. Read a book- You know that one book you just never got around to finishing, yeah me too guilty as charged... but NOW it's time to actually finish that bad boy❗️

Productive Task time>> 1 week-1 month (depends on how much time you commit to putting into it)

Recommendations >> Books I've 💛ed so far this year>>

🔓Million Dollar Habits-Proven Power Practices to Double & Triple Your Income- Brian Tracy🔓Secrets of the Millionaire Mind- T. Harv Eker

🔓The Power of Now- A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment – Eckhart Tolle

🔓Eat Pray Love- Elizabeth Gilbert (for all you travel lovers out there!)

5. Listen to an audiobook using audible. This will allow for you to double your productivity time by listening AND doing the dishes, cleaning etc. Click below to start your free trial⚠️

Check out-

🔓Money Master the Game- Tony Robbins

🔓You are a Bada** at Making Money- Jen Sincero

Productive Task time>> 1 week-1 month (depends on how much time you commit to putting into it)

6. Learn a new SKILL & practice everyday-

Task time>>>20 minutes for 21 days

Skills you may want to consider:

🧠Speaking- I know you may be wondering how the heck am I going to do this if I’m locked in my house!? Practice using your phone & speaking to it as though you’re talking to an audience. When I first started vlogging this was terrifying, but after awhile you get used to it!

🧠 Writing/Typing

🧠Creativity- yes you can practice this. Whether its being musically creative, technically creative or artistically, there are so many different aspects of creativity & if you put in the time to explore you'll learn you are more creative than you even thought. If you're looking to get into technology creativity you can check out some of these video/photography creating platforms (all their basic versions are free!)

Powtoon (animation)--- Renderforest (video/logo)--- Biteable (video)---Plotaverse (photo)



7. Create a virtual vision board on Pinterest for your dream job, house, car, business building etc.

(BONUS>> print it out & tape it to your mirror so you see it everyday!)

Productive Task time>> 20-30 minutes

8. Research & plan out your dream vacation. Start saving $$$ today, yes TODAY. Don’t know about the COMPOUND EFFECT?

Another recommended ((free)) audiobook- on Youtube

Productive Task time>> 2-3 hours (depends on how in depth it is)

9. Which brings me to my next project on the list…

Start a YouTube channel pertaining to: teaching others a skill, travel, teaching techniques, workout, health, meditation/affirmations..etc.

Productive Starter Pack in 6 Easy Steps:

↪️1.Sign up & create a unique name to represent your NEW channel

↪️2.Create a profile picture (headshot) or use one that you already have

↪️3.Create your channel art (the backdrop to your channel) should have the purpose behind why you’re doing it. Use Canva (another freebie!) for templates!

↪️4.Create or have someone take a introduction video of you speaking on what viewers will have to look forward to on your channel

↪️ 5.Add your social media links

↪️ 6.Shout it from the roof tops that YOU’RE ON YOUTUBE & YOU’RE AWESOME!

Productive Task time>> 1-2 days steps 1-5-- step 6 indefinite

10. Binge watch ‘Top Played Videos’ on Ted Talks- (I promise this is productive!)

((She wrote the book suggested above; Eat, Pray, Love!))

Task time>> about 5 hours🤷🏻‍♀️


Make Extra Cash

11. Use Fiverr, Freelancer or Upwork to create a profile for yourself

Productive task time>> 45 minutes-1 hr to make a profile & 1 hour to apply to gigs

Apply to jobs daily- these sites are great for two reasons:

1️⃣ if you yourself need help with a certain skill (ex: rearranging your new website) you can actually hire someone OR

2️⃣ you, yourself can start making doing various skills from social media marketing to translating a script.

12. Other Remote Jobs:


Transcribe Me




Smart Bug Media

Later Media

Teaching Online

⭐️For most of the companies below you'll need a TESOL certificate, don't fret, ya girl's got your back! Groupon offers a $19 course, YES $19! Something that would usually cost hundreds.


Magic Ears (personally worked here & loved it, just have to have fast internet connection)


**For more remote work jobs visit It's A Travel Od's current listings!

13. Upload high quality photos/video footage to turn into MONEY

Productive Task time>> 1-2 hours to find, edit, & upload footage

If you have a knack for photography/videography, have a great camera, or are a stellar photo editor & have already compiled a plethora of footage, this option might be right for you!

This company called Blackbox allows for you to upload your footage & if it's approved it'll be send out to various stock footage sites where it'll be potentially bought & you'll receive a payout for it!

14. SAVE money using Ebates!

Productive Task time>> to sign up>> 5 minutes

So this one isn't so much as earning money as it is saving it. I mentioned this one in one of my previous blogs but it just blows my mind that you can save so much money & decide to make more if you so please using this site! Here's how it works:

⭐️Let's say you're already planning on buying some awesome face scrub from Amazon.. so instead of going to Amazon you go to Ebates buy the same thing & get CASH BACK! Seriously, how unreal is that!?

⭐️Let's say you love Ebates so much that you decide to refer a friend now, that friend will get $$$ towards their first purchase & you get paid too. AH-MAZING!


Health & Fitness

15. Pick 1 or 2 workout videos from YouTube & do them at least 2x a week. I swear by this one!

It looks easy, but MAN its a good arm workout & doesn't require ANY weights. I also really love this 20 minute leg workout.

Productive Task time>> depends on the video>> try to workout at least 30 min, 3x a week!

16. Learn a new recipe & cook with someone you LOVE!

Productive Task time>> grocery shopping 1 hr

Productive Task time>> cooking 1-2 hrs

Really loving this quick & easy eggplant taco recipe!



17. Repurpose something laying around in your house (possibly something you were going

to throw away?)

Example- turn your empty wine bottle from last night into a nice decorative floral holder!

Productive Task time>>1 hour

18. Create a website for your business, job, for a friend or just for fun! Wix is a great website maker that has an abundant choice of diverse layouts!

Productive Task time>>3-5 days to get everything set up & running properly

19. Spice up your LinkedIn or Resume adding new skills you've learned or just updating them to appeal to a new job you may be applying for.

Productive Task time>> 1-2 hours

20. Handwrite 5 thank you cards to 5 people on your heart. This could be a co-worker for recently helping you at work, your best friend or your neighbor. Handwritten cards show the other person you've taken out the time & effort to let them know you appreciate them. In our Worldly climate right now I think personally thanking 5 people is just what we need.

Productive Task time>> 1hr - 1 hr & a half



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