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Budget Tips for Traveling Internationally - 2020 Edition

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Disclosure: If you make a purchase through these links, I will earn a commission at no extra cost to you. There are multiple affiliate links. This disclosure pertains to all product/service links.

"Traveling is too expensive!"

"I just can't seem to save up ANY money!!"

"I can't even!" 😩

How many of you have thought or even said this before? Well if you have, you're at the right place because this article is going to be all the ways you, yes YOU, can budget travel AND enjoy yourself too!

First & foremost to get you started before you travel ALWAYS pay yourself first, as stated from the book, Richest Man in Babylon, with every paycheck you get put away 10% off the top & in no time you'll have money set aside for your travels!

Okay, okay here we go...

Hunting for the ✈️

•Airfordable is a company that allows you to make payments on your flights if you're not in the business of making that purchase all at once. My husband & I used this as we first leaped into our Moving to the Philippines chapter of life. It was very smooth & we paid it off in 4 installments. You can get $25 off your first time with them by clicking here. The best thing about this is when you start passing along this little secret you as well can get your very own referral link & start earning 💸 too!

Skyscanner, Momondo & Edreams are all really great 3rd party sites that find you the CHEAPEST deals out there, we've saved a lot using these bad boys.

•Split Flights--- don't be afraid to change it up. Fly one airline there & a different back, sometimes this can work really well too!

•Be a little sneaky--- go Incognito--- Browsers track what you're looking at and therefore airlines will raise their prices according to your searches so in order to get around this check out the instructions below:


But what about my Phone!?🤳🏼

•Whatsapp/Viber-----these are apps you should download on your phone before leaving out of the country as they'll allow you to text, call, & video chat for FREE while on wifi, who can afford free!?

•Skyroam----- if you're planning on hopping around from country to country and don't want to deal with the hassle of hunting down different sim cards OR the possibility of your carrier saying you were on 'ROAMING' for your entire trip and charging you hundreds... you might want to consider this handy dandy device. You can pay for an unlimited plan (for a month) or just pay $9 a day for however many days you'd like for up to 10 devices. If you enter code FINDYOURWAVE at checkout you can get 10% off!


Okay so now we're getting to the juicy stuff...


Rakuten (aka Ebates)---is a site that give you UP TO 10 % CASH BACK!

(Side note: the great thing about Rakuten is that everyday items or other travel essentials that you may need to purchase online anyway, why not earn CASH back while getting those items!? win- win, I think yes)

(Side Side note: If you sign up with my link you get a FREE $10 credit & if this seems too good to be true I promise IT'S REAL!)

Air BnB---- most of you reading this probably already have this app or used this service, but if you don't you can sign up NOW & get $46 in credits towards your first stay here. Another tip if planning to use this service; NEGOTIATE! Think about it this way, if you were an Air BnB host, wouldn't you rather your accommodation be booked for less than its listed than not at all? That's why you should respectfully message the host 1-3 days in advance & say "Hi there, I see you're place is listed for $_____ & that's just not really in my budget right now but I LOVE your listing & was wondering if you can do it for $_____ amount instead. What's the worst that can happen?

Workaway & Worldpackers

If you're looking to share your skills & talents in exchange for FREE accommodations, sometimes food & sometimes even extra $$$, then these golden nuggets are for YOU. Maybe you'd like to work at an animal shelter in Boracay, Philippines or maybe being a model for some art students in Florence, Italy is more your cup of tea, whatever it is you'll be learning & saving money! Yay!


Exchanging Money💸

Okay so this can add up quickly if you don't do some research so here it goes...

•XE app---- when going from country to country its hard to tell how much something really is but with this handy tool, just pop in a price & it shows the current exchange

rate at the currency you're used to so it's easy to tell how much something costs.

•Airport Exchange--- DON'T do it, just don't. They offer the worst rates possible as they know people are desperate to exchange. It's best to wait until you're at the country or even before you leave is fine.

TransferWise---- so if you'll be staying for a longer period of time & need to wire money from your bank at home to yourself or to someone back at home this app allows you to do it for REAL exchange rates that are shown on the XE app. You can of course do it through your bank but they charge BIG, hidden fees that could really add up. You will always have to pay to exchange money but TransferWise does it for less & using my link you can get a FREE transfer of up to $650, now that's a deal!


Bonus Tips⚠️:

It's 2020 ...stop using plastic water bottles & get yourself a reusable! Better yet, get a Brita Premium Water Filter Bottle & never buy water EVER AGAIN- think about how much $$$ you'd save, not to mention the environmental benefits!

Use local transportation (Grab or Ankas app in SE Asia)

Be a minimalist & pack light, ditch the luggage fees, pick items to rewear & use for different purposes.. ladies bring out those shawl wraps!

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