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Top 10 Best Virtual Travel Experiences in Asia

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

Don't let being physically stuck stop you from taking a virtual trip!

Nobody knows how long lockdown & social distancing will have us physically incapable of take a seat with your loved ones in your living room, or wherever you may be in the world & get ready for some virtual tourism.

No. Passport. Required.

**For added effects users should sip on Pina coladas & get on their scuba mask**

The Underwater Reef of Eastern Indonesia

Dive into the virtual depths of Eastern Indonesia's sea inhabited with some of most diverse species in the world. Learn about Ronald, a West Papuan Native, & how he took extraordinary measures to help in saving this biodiversity into what it is today.

Brought to you by Conservation International


Trek 16,000 Feet High on the Sherpa Mountains

Walk with Renan, taking one virtual step at a time, to reach remarkable sights.

Brought to you by The North Face

Workout with Japanese Sumo Wrestlers in Tokyo

Experience Zazen meditation, a meditation of which is an ancient Buddhist tradition, dating back to the Tang Dynasty. Stroll through the virtual Sagano Bamboo Forest in Kyoto & feast your eyes on some delicious sushi at the famous; Sushi- Go-Round restaurant.

Oh yeah & witness some 'Goldmemberesque' Sumo Wrestlers bump each other out of their fighting ring!

Brought to you by the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO).


Explore the Kingdom of Cambodia- a Constitutional Monarchy

Visit one of the largest monuments in the world originally built as a mausoleum, explore where Tomb Raider was filmed & virtually interact with 'mad monkeys' outside of Angkor Wat. Watch more about fish eating pedicures here.

Brought to you by VR Gorilla


Learn About the Orangutan Orphanage in Borneo

An island owned by Indonesia, Brunei, & Malaysia the island of Borneo sits perfectly in the middle of Southeast Asia. It is home to the International Animal Rescue Sanctuary which is devoted to teaching baby Orangutans what skills they'll need to survive on their own.

Brought to you by National Geographic


Overcoming Mother Natures Adversity

This video isn't another tropical paradise one, no- but a story of how one culture can come together to overcome tremendous natural disasters. Located in the Typhoon Belt & the Ring of Fire, the Philippines is the 2nd country which is most exposed to Natural Disasters. This videos showcases the types of natural disasters & intricate plans set in place for such disasters. Check out some more upbeat tropical waters of the Philippines here.

Brought to you by InteRed


Hike the Great Wall Without Actually Sweating

This virtual tour spans six and a half miles of the wall between Jinshanling and Simatai, a stretch known for having some of the most archetypal views in China. Sections of the wall were built as far back as the 14th & 17th centuries which have been protected ever since.

Brought to you by The China Guide


Komono National Park- an UNESCO Heritage Site

With around 13,000 islands, Indonesia is home to one in specific that inhabits the endangered, Komono Dragon. Around 5,700 Komodo's call this island their home, living nowhere else in the world.

Brought to you by Air Pano


Bhutan- Home to the World's Most Challenging Airports to Take Off & Land At

"Until 1974 foreigners were not allowed to enter the country and the only way to visit Bhutan was a personal invitation from the King or Queen." Various Buddhist traditions can be witnessed throughout this video including the 'Tiger's Nest' monk sanctuary.