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You're Bringing Your Cat to the Philippines?! Pet Travel [2020]

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

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Boca is our fur baby & I'm sure, if you're reading this, you have one too. The purpose of this blog is to give those who wish to travel with their fur babies a sense of direction with the logistics of the move. This information was not very accessible & moving to a country such as the Philippines posed even more difficult as its not often your veterinarian hears "We're bringing our cat to the Philippines!"

Step 1.

About a month out, assuming you're traveling internationally to the Philippines, you'll need to secure an import permit. Click on the link below to complete the form. This might take a week or more for them to send it back to you (the Philippines is on island time).


Step 2.

As you await the import permit make sure to obtain the necessary vaccines for your cat. For the Philippines you'll need:

*rabies vaccination 

(If your cat already got this prior make sure to have the official rabies certificate accessible)

* herpes calicivirus

* panleukopenia

*feline leukemia

To get cheap vaccines we went through VETCO clinic, a company that travels to local pet stores to provide quality care for CHEAP! Click the link below to see prices & to find a clinic near you.


Step 3.

Check in with your airlines & see what their regulations are. We flew Japan Airlines & they were very accommodating but unfortunately Boca still had to fly in the cargo section of the plane. They required to see all her vaccinations & her health certificate.


Step 4.

Get an international health certificate. The Philippines also requires a health certificate approved by the USDA (we'll get to that part in step 5) & so do most airlines as well. We went through Banfield (see link below to schedule an appointment).

Please note that you should being scheduling your pets health certificate appointment 10 days before your travels. Also, make sure to obtain the certificate in the state in which you will be traveling out of as it will not be valid otherwise. The health certificate is not cheap & will cost you around $160.00.

If this is how you're feeling right now, we know, but having your fur baby with you will be totally worth it!


Step 5.

Get the health certificate verified by the USDA.

If you have an USDA office close to you, you can schedule an appointment, it will only take half hour to complete but if you don't, plan on sending in all the required documents (health certificate & vaccine receipts) via mail which is the route we took. Luckily the USDA office was right by Ohare International Airport in Chicago so we just picked up the approved health certificate on the way to leave the country. If this is not the case for you, I would suggest picking priority mail so that you get your approved certificate back in time for your travels. The endorsement will cost you $38. Click here to check out the locations closest to you.


Step 5. Secure the necessary equipment for your pets safety & comfort.

We got our travel necessities from Petco. Make sure you have the proper sized cage for your airline & that your cat is able to stand up and turn around comfortably. We actually got a dog crate because there was a great DEAL!

Also we got our Boca calming spray because HELLO- 19 hour flight!...

I highly recommend this! In addition, we got a water holder (for a gerbil) that was able to connect to her cage & a bowl that connected as well.

The last thing we did was to let her test out her cage a couple days before, rewarding her with treats every time she went inside. To make her feel extra safe we placed one of my husbands shirts in there & cut a piece out of her favorite blanket!